The Sliptrack® system comes with full support services from specifications to installation.

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Our code-approved, slotted deflection track system absorbs building movement, protecting the integrity of walls and fire-resistent construction joints.

• Meets 2006 IBC & local building codes
• Over 200 UL and ICC listed designs
• Complete engineering package
• Complete submittal package support
• Passes building inspections better
• Installs better and easier
• Saves on labor and material costs
• National availability and service
• Leed points available

The original slotted deflection track
for head of wall joints.

Sliptrack Slotted Deflection track protects the integrity of walls during building movement caused by expansion and contraction, wind forces and seismic events. Interior and exterior walls are positively secured and protected from lateral movement while sliding up and down in the slots.

SLP-TRK® brand deflection track has tested and earned approval for over 200 different conditions and fire-rated designs. Meeting Code in seismic zones is made easy and building inspections go smoothly. Total support is available to prepare everything you need for your submittal package. Guide specifications, engineering data, detail drawings and instructions for easy installation are all included. We will even handle calculating and filing for earned LEED® points.
Brady’s Sliptrack Head of Wall Deflection Track Gives Interior and Exterior Walls all the Right Moves.

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