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Labor and Materials Savings-Contractors enjoy labor and materials savings Complying with code is usually complicated, expensive and time-consuming. Sliptrack remedies all of that. The product ensures cost-effective installation while meeting code.

Design Advantages Sliptrack is simple to install and combines easily into a wide variety of systems, so you don't have to give up your preferred head-of-wall fire stop products. Multiple fastening points provide plenty of options, too. Sliptrack is so predictable to use, you can estimate the job accurately and protect your profit margin from costly callbacks and rework.
Unlike other systems, Sliptrack allows installation without any extra accessories to hold the studs in place - fasteners that may be unintentionally left to interfere with the movement of the walls. Sliptrack systems do not require any additional strapping, bridging, clips, or stand off washers that interfere with fast installation. Once installers try SLP-TRK®, they realize how much it cuts their labor costs and improves their profits, while helping them comply with code.

Building contractors are interested in beating the bid numbers for labor and material costs. Utilizing
one piece, head-of-wall, deflection track accomplishes those savings. Plus, SLP-TRK helps assure first time inspection approvals.