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Born out of experience...Brady Brand

Building a Better Way The Brady Brand was born out of hands-on experience in the construction industry. It bears the name of its founder and president, Todd Brady. Todd is very proud of his heritage and of being a third generation contractor. His grandfather, simply known as "Brady", founded E.F.Brady Plastering in 1946. Over the years, Todd's father, Ron Brady reinvented the plastering company into a very successful interior and exterior metal stud framing, drywall, EIFS, and fireproofing business.

Todd Brady grew up in this family business where integrity, performance and innovation were key values to company growth. He worked on the job and in various office positions for over 20 years learning every aspect of the contracting business. As a journeyman metal stud framer and drywall installer he began to identify problems and find solutions to improve safety and production in the field, while at the same time, actually improving the building structure and streamlining the building process. He has innovated many new products and processes to improve production at the installers level that make the building process easier.

The first commercially successful product to come out of this experience is Sliptrack, Trademarked SLP-TRK®, a slotted deflection track that absorbs building movement in multi-story buildings. Thermal expansion and contraction, wind sheer and seismic activity all create considerable movement in a building. The taller the structure the more the building will move. The Sliptrack slotted track features positive attachment to the metal studs that absorbs vertical movement and adds stability to the wall during lateral movement.

Over the years, Mr. Brady worked with many certified testing laboratories including Underwriters Laboratory, Warnock Hersey, Intertek Testing Services and Twining Laboratories as well as others to further innovate new fire-rated construction joints. Brady's design criteria is simple, his products and processes use less material and lighter gauge material while achieving superior strength offering easier installation - trade-friendly products.

Mr. Brady developed a voluntary sense of responsibility for the needs of other trades in the field understanding that the performance of each successive trade is influenced by the preceding trade. (Example: Metal Stud Framer - Drywall Installer - Drywall Finisher - Painter.) This sense of cooperative responsibility dramatically improves the finished product. The Brady Brand slogan, "trade friendly products" embodies his philosophy.

Another trade-friendly product in the Brady Brand family is the new Pro X Header. This pre-engineered header is designed for window and door openings in interior and exterior wall systems. Similar to Sliptrack, the Pro X Header is designed to deliver greater strength with less gauge steel and fewer parts than traditional header assemblies. It offers time and material savings and greatly streamlines the construction process.

SLP-TRK® is registered Trademark of Brady Construction Innovations Inc.