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Sliptrack Slotted Deflection Track offers a standard approach for all non load bearing interior and exterior head of wall joints. Simple and fast installation saves materials, labor time and money. No welding is required and one man can install. Over 200 conditions and fire proofing designs are approved. Sliptrack Systems meet all IBC and local building codes - even some of the strictest, such as the California OSHPOD, for hospitals. SLP-TRK® brand passes building inspections easier

The Sliptrack System allows for flush and smooth joints paving the way for dry walling and painting to go faster and easier therefore saving more time and money. Detail drawings and installation instructions are included in the complete submittal package that we can provide.

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You are invited to explore the details of Sliptrack data from the navigation at the top of this page. Check out the Annimation to see how the system assembles and functions. Also of interest might be some of the detail drawings which are available for download in several formats.

Valuable LEED® points are available when you spec ProXHeader. We can calculate all applicable points and file on your behalf if you like.

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We can supply you with the complete package of materials you need to utilize Sliptrack in the metal framing aspect of your next project.

Support services include a complete Architectural and Engineering Submittal Package containing: an evaluation report, product identification, detail drawings as well as complete installation instructions. We can also supply our “Spec Data Sheet” or ” ManuSpec” Sheet, developed by Reed Construction Data and Reed First Source Program.
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