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Design AdvantagesWhether you specify, sell or install head-of-wall joint systems, SLP-TRK® makes your life a lot easier. Its a real challenge these days meeting head-of-wall codes for fire stop and life safety while maintaining the ability to absorb vertical movement in high rise buildings. SLP-TRK® is the solution.

The SLP-TRK® advantage is in its simplicity SLP-TRK® provides a positive attachment for wall strength and allows for vertical movement. Movement caused by normal head-of-wall and floor extension or compression is absorbed by SLP-TRK® to prevent damage to the wall system.

Waferhead screws positively attach the stud through SLP-TRK?s vertical slots. Floor deck movement is absorbed by  SLP-TRK® at the center of the construction joint.

SLP-TRK® smoothly integrates with a variety of wall installation systems and is extremely user-friendly, as well as economical. The simple design and easy installation reduces the cost of materials and labor.  And the installer can use the head-of-wall systems he prefers to work with. Sliptrack Systems complies with the toughest code requirements in the country,if not the world. It has been tested with a variety of leading fire-stop products, and has outperformed the requirements of stringent fire and hose stream testing ASTM E-119, ASTM E-814. Sliptrack also has met and exceeded the latest seismic cycling standards found in UL2079 and ASTM1966